ABOUT – Click2Confirm

It's simplified, made for corporates to communicate with Vendors, Customers and Employees in digitally fast manner to summarize results intelligently. Click2Confirm is a cloud-based application tool to provide users with standard templates to ease communication flow. Printing individual letters, pasting envelops, sending posts, emails, keeping track and storing letters with date stamp is past fashioned. In today's technology driven world, where time and efforts are crucial, make your efforts productive by automizing non-core activities. Click2Confirm brings-in mostly used business communication flows to deal with Vendors, Customers and Employees. Click2Confirm is widely usable for balance confirmations, vendor & customer interface, employee interactions, reconciliation & follow-ups, collection management, ensuring statutory compliances and many more…. all are just few minutes tasks.

Click2Confirm not just about sending digital letters but it also delivers result intelligently in very sophisticated manner for Management and Users. It comes with functionality of 2-way Communication, Approvals, Management Dashboard, User Reports, Mass downloads, etc. to delivery results as per user's specific and different needs. Alongside the usability and functionalities, it has built-in security features and controls to safeguard data and eliminate unauthorize use.

So, don't wait, subscribe to new age digital application tool to automate and simplify mass business communications with external parties. It's smart, easy and secure.


Balance Confirmation

Click to take periodic balance confirmations from Vendors, Customers and Employees.

Confirmation direct to Auditor

Auditor can Click to have balance confirmations with complete audit trail.

Reconciliation & follow-up

Click simply to start reconciling account balances with Customers, Vendors and Employees.

Collection Management

Click to move digitally for account receivable management with follow-up function.

Asset Confirmation

Ensure correctness of Fixed Assets Register by asking employees to Click to Confirm for assets in their possession

Policy Communication

Communicate policy changes to employees and ask them for acceptance by Click to Confirm.

Employee Communication

Send mass communication or ask for confirmations from employees on Click

MSME Confirmation

Click to ensure statutory compliances with tracking and audit trail

GSTR-2A Follow-up

Click to ensure minimization of GST Input Tax Credit loss by sending reminders to non-compliant vendors


Digitally collect and store statutory documents to maximise compliance and efficiency.

Collect Statement

Ask for account statements from Vendors and Customers digitally.

Vendor & Customer Interface

Click for mass communication & confirmation from Vendors and Customers


  • Digital Communications
  • Easy to Use with Standard Templates
  • Support Bulk Communications
  • 2-way Confirmation Flow with Approval Functionality
  • Maintain Complete Audit Trail
  • Separate Auditor Section
  • Realtime Status Tracking with Follow-up Function
  • Result Compilation with Dashboard Reporting
  • Multi Company & Users
  • Role & Access Management
  • Bulk Data Upload/Download
  • Complete Cloud Application
  • Anywhere & Anytime Access
  • Data Security & Confidentiality
  • Flexible Pricing with Choose your Best Plan


  • Intelligent Communication Solution
  • Process Standardization
  • Digital Audit trail
  • Realtime Response Tracking
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Efficient Control and Process visibility
  • User Access & Privileges
  • Save Time & Costs
  • Anytime & Anyware Access


Click2Confirm not just confined to accounting needs, it's for across corporate communications. Key users of Click2Confirm:

  • Business Accounting
  • Taxation & Compliances
  • Auditor's & 3rd Parties
  • HR & Employee Engagement
  • Corporate Communications

Click-2-ABOUT US:

Click2Confirm is recently opened venture with focus to provide world-class finance and accounting support services to public at large. With the right investments in technology tools, a capable team and data security capabilities, Click2Confirm provides unique value to its customers.

Click2Confirm is entirely committed to deliver a superior customer service experience and help customers to focus on their core business, while we help in managing noncore activities efficiently.

Company is founded by Accounting Professional having more than decade experience in the area of Accountancy, Tax, Corporate Law and Business & Management Services. The members of the Company are highly skilled and competent professionals with years of experience. They bring the highest level of professional excellence, integrity, sound ethical and fair practices.

Apart from product 'Click2Confirm', the founders also provide Accounting, Taxation & Compliance Outsourcing Services under brand LABHYANSH (www.labhyansh.com).