Any business entity who need to communicate with external parties and employees for their varieties of business needs can use this application.

Cost and effort efficiencies along with enhanced compliances, accounting & internal controls. Thousands of minutes of paper work and paper could be saved with automation of business communication. Also, digitization of business communications flow will bring process standardization, transparency and ease in ensuring statutory compliances.

To adhere with taxation & compliance laws, businesses are mandatorily required to take periodic confirmation/consent, auditor confirmations, gather statutory document (such as PAN, GST, ITRs) from 3rd parties like Vendors and Customers. Alongside statutory compliances, businesses also need to communicate with 3rd parties and employees for their operational needs such as account receivable followups, account balance confirmations, reconciliations, policy changes, etc. to ensure good accounting and internal controls within the organization.

All above mentioned tasks are currently executed via postal letters or emails and then replies are compiled manually. This process of manual sending and compilation of replies is mostly seen to be very pathetic and prone to error specially in case of large data size. Due to regress and uncontrolled nature of activity, businesses and their employees are normally having tendency to refuse to such activities. And even done half-heartedly, desired result cannot be achieved.

This is leading to loss of business, profits and non-adherence to statutory compliances in long run.
No specific system configuration is required; it can be used over any internet browser.
No need to download any application or setting. This application is available through internet browser on subscription basis.
User need to create login with one Email ID and Contact Number. Post login and payment, user need to create company master and user master to start using the application.
Application is providing 4 types of users, Admin/Sub-admin, User, Manager and Auditor.
Manager is required mandatorily in case 2-way approval is selected at the time of company creation under “Company” master. Manger is required to approve the activity created by the user before being dispatched.
Auditor user access can be assigned to statutory or internal auditor for viewing the activity created by the user. Auditor user will have only view rights.
Sub-admin user will have all access and privileges as admin user.
No, user cannot edit the templates except for input fields and excel format provided.
With every template, specific excel file format is given on bottom of input page.
Status of the template activity can be checked at Activity Section or Dashboard or report section.
Yes, follow-up for pending responses can be made from Activity section of the application.
Yes, duration of activity can be extended for particular activity from Activity section of the application.
Yes, closed activity can reopened from Activity section of the application.
No, currently application support INR currency only. In future, once the application is enhanced to support multiple currency same shall be notified.
Admin user can check end date of the subscription from Subscription section of the application.
Package can be upgraded to higher version anytime on making successful payment. Higher package benefits shall be available on new subscription or top-up purchase.
Yes, user can shift to lower package anytime. However, package rates shall be available on new subscription or new top-up purchase.
Go to Setting tab in application, there user can change phone/email ID with OTP.
User cannot delete account once created. Account can be activated or deactivated by Admin user.
The subscription period will start as soon as payment is made on the application.
Cancellation of the package is not possible after purchase.
To know our prices, please visit pricing page.
We are not providing any instalment facility. However, user can pay for subscription in instalments through major credit card providers or payment gateways. Note: The approval of instalment is subject to approval from respective payment provider and we do not have any role on this.